Pragmatic Slot Demo – Phoenix Forge Review

Phoenix Forge is a 20 payline slot machine developed by Pragmatic Play. Features include free spins, layered reels, and increased multipliers. The RTP of this highly volatile slot machine is 96.51%, and the main bonus is 5000 times. Pragmatic Play’s Phoenix Forge Demo Slot machine is an excellent game with an interesting mythological theme.

This symbol is marked by a gem inlaid with iron runes, which appears to be constructed with the legendary phoenix flames. It is a stunning and attractive aesthetic, which is very impressive. The game’s soundtrack is also great, and the movie works when you roll the reels. Perfectly fits the theme of the game, giving people a kind of mighty and domineering feeling.

Pragmatic Slot Demo – Phoenix Forge Ulasan Review
How to Play the Pragmatic Phoenix Forge Demo Slot
It’s very easy to start playing Phoenix Forge:

1. After the game is loaded, click the three horizontal lines button to adjust the game settings such as sound effects and rotation speed.

2. In this menu, you can also adjust your bet, or you can use the + and – signs on both sides of the spin button. It is possible to bet between 0.20 coins and 100 coins.

3. Click me to view the payment form. You can also find information about volatility and RTP here.

4. Click the button below the play button to see the autoplay options. Here, you can also set a win or loss limit.

5. Press the play button and enjoy!

Pragmatic Phoenix Forge RTP & Variance Slot Demo Demo
Phoenix Forge’s RTP is 96.51%, which is slightly higher than the current average level of the online slot machine market. In terms of volatility, this is a period of high variance, and the maximum bonus is 5000 times. It’s not the biggest prize, but it’s okay for such an unstable game. The winning percentage is 1/3.73; Although this corresponds to the degree of difference in the game, it is important for players to remember this number and adjust the size of their bet.

How to Win Playing Phoenix Forge Slots
Phoenix Forge is an online slot machine with 20 paylines. You win by placing three or more matching symbols in any row. The phoenix egg is a wild symbol that appears on reels 2, 3, and 4. A tumbling mechanism is also used. Each time you win, the symbols involved in the combination will disappear, and new symbols will appear. This situation continues until you can no longer win.

How to Win Playing Phoenix Forge Slots
Phoenix Forge introduces a fairly new concept – the hotspot multiplier. Each time you win, a multiplier is added to the position of the current winning symbol. If a new symbol falls on that position and creates another win, the multiplier will increase. This situation continues until your spin no longer falls.

Free Game Spin Bonus
The phoenix itself is a bonus symbol, and it appears on all reels. When you drop three or more of them on the reels, you will trigger a bonus round and receive a bonus spread. The number of free spins awarded depends on the number of scatter landings:

Free Game Spin Bonus
#3 Deploy 10 free spins

# 4 scatters, 15 free spins

# 5 scatters of 20 free spins

During the Phoenix Forge free spins bonus period, your multiplier will not reset. After each win, they would keep climbing every time they fell. You can also trigger this bonus round again. Three more scatter points will result in five additional free spins.

Game Reviews
Phoenix Forge may not seem like a very innovative slot machine, but there’s some great stuff here. This game combines the classic slot machine format with an exciting new hot zone multiplier—something we haven’t seen before in any other slot machine game.

[ New concept ] : While you may not win often (since it is a more volatile game), you can expect the multiplier to be triggered every time the fall increases. This is a nifty little feature that can greatly increase the winning potential.

If you manage to enter the free spins round, things will get better. Even between rotations, the multiplier will not be reset. Therefore, you can hit some really impressive multipliers in the bonus rounds. Overall, Phoenix Forge is a slot machine that is definitely worth your time. Modern players might think it’s too simplistic, but it’s actually okay. You can try Phoenix Forge’s free game demo at Slots Jagoan88 to learn all about it.