Lottery System

The Lottery System Is Really a Support System Conduct Optimistic

A really lottery system or school of sorts of positive behavior support strategies class-wide that reinforces your surrogate behavior needs to take the place of problem behavior in the classroom.


To start your lottery, make or purchase tickets (I like the red ones on the reels that can be purchased at office shops. They remind kids of carnivals and amusement parks. They are fun!) you may want with kids who spend sgp Daftar Casino Sbobet  parents (grades 4 and up) that there are pens offered for students to write their names on their tickets. You will want to throw the tickets away after you have the pictures or have cashed them, to stay away from ticket scams. (Believe me, it will happen.)

Strengthening schedule

Before you begin, make a list of what you might reward and inform the class. You may want to post what you’re giving the ticket for, but make sure you allow yourself the flexibility to change the list (say significantly if you introduce.) Focus on behaviors that are particularly troublesome, and behaviors that can move academic behavior forward big. At the start of the year you may reward the first five people who have their ingredients on their table. At the end of the year you may not need to appreciate it, but rather the pace that lines your class for lunch. The lottery is really a tool it is possible to let the work for you.

Lottery Day

When a week or every week, have a lottery day. Make sure all the tickets for the week are in the tube, and shake them well. Pull out a winning ticket or two and let the winners choose their prize.

Prizes may be high value items or tickets to a preferred activity. I’ve found that keeping a few portable CD players and some rock CDs has been a big hit as a reward, especially if students can listen to them throughout the period of self-employment. Oriental Trading Company has many inexpensive toys and gifts that are also very popular, especially with children receiving special ed services. One of my fifth graders who is generally “too cold for words” is still excited about finding her name drawn (though she usually picks a gift for her 1st “girl friend.”)

We have spent hundreds of hours on the mathematical and statistical analysis of lottery results. We’ve discovered important patterns of human behavior that crucially impact how much you win on the lottery.

Some lottery winners win far less than millions; others win multi-millions. What kind of winner do you want? Each ticket has the exact same chance of winning but some wins are much bigger than others. You owe it to yourself to realize why and we can tell you.

Some perfect people love to follow the system without question; others prefer to dig behind the scenes and learn why some numbers are suggested and others not. No problem. You can simply access our reasoning and analysis on numbers, vehicle reverses, number patterns, fixed numbers, how much to invest and significantly much more. Perhaps the most comprehensive lottery system ever at your fingertips.