Get to know PG Soft, the Most Recent Online Slot Provider

PG Soft is a mobile game development company based in Valletta, Malta. Founded in 2015, the company has grown and grown into a strong team of 200 employees spread across Europe, US and Asia. PG Soft managed to amaze its viewers with its attractive gameplay and amazing graphics thanks to the combination of the artists, creators and founders of this company.

As the most up-to-date online slot provider , PG Soft provides convenience in getting the jackpot and upholds the excitement of playing the best slots in the world. The ease of getting the slot jackpot, of course, cannot be separated from the commitment of PG Slot, which wants to be number one in the world as a leading online gambling provider to compete with its competitors.

In Indonesia, the name PG Soft provider is becoming a hot topic of conversation and is starting to be played a lot. Now this provider is starting to compete with Pragmatic Play in terms of popularity, although it still can’t compete with Pragmatic, the level of players that continues to increase will make PG Soft even more victorious.

Background PGSoft
PG Soft consists of a team of professional veterans who previously worked in the world of Television and Film to produce well-known products. Working closely with mathematicians from renowned Universities Oxford and Cambridge, PGSoft has become a home for young creators who are passionate about creating the best products in the world.

The PG SOFT company is here to revolutionize mobile game applications by raising them from our company’s perspective in answering questions and problems in the gaming world. The game that was created certainly upholds Aesthetics and Gameplay to provide a gaming experience

PG SOFT’s Best Game Games
The Best Game from PG Soft comes in the form of a slot game that is very fun to play thanks to the stunning visuals and sound. Now for you online slot game connoisseurs, here are some PG Soft slot games that we can try to play.

Ganesha Fortune
Game Ganesha Fortuna / Ganesha Gold takes the theme of India and the god Ganesha as a character in this game. You as a player will spin the reels with pictures and an Indian feel. Free Spins are obtained by getting Ganesha on the Reel. The number of Free Spins you get will increase the more Ganesha you get from 3, 4 to 5. When you get Scatter Ganesha, every 3 Wilds you get will increase your multiplication from 2x to a maximum of 20x.

Mahjong Ways 1 & 2
Good at playing mahjong? Try the Mahjong Ways 1 and 2 games from the PG Soft slot where the images on the reels will be replaced with Mahjong pieces. To be able to get free spins in this game, you as a player must be successful in getting 15x the lost pieces and every time you get a multiplication combo the wins will increase. The maximum bonus that you can get when you get free spins is 20x.

Wild Bandit
Enjoy the fun of playing slots with the Mexican team in wild bandito, this game has a difference from Ganesha Fortune and Mahjong Ways 1 & 2 where every win you win will give you more multiplication without limits, and to get free spins you must first get a Scatter with a minimum 3 Scatters.

Advantages of PG Soft Provider
What makes PG Soft more profitable than other providers? You as a player cannot buy spins which of course makes the game fairer between you and other players. To get free spins or free spins you have to get scatters or get certain combinations depending on the type of game.

That way the Jackpot will be easier to get and your balance will last longer because you can’t buy spins. Of course, the weekly commission you get will be much higher if you play at PG Soft compared to other providers such as Pragmatic.