Gates Of Olympus Patterns and How to Play for Maxwin

Gates of Olympus (Slot Zeus) is one of the favorite slot games of several slot games that exist among slot games. This Zeus slot is quite enough to be a mainstay slot for new and old players who are in great demand by slotter mania.

Broadly speaking, this Zeus slot takes the theme of the ancient Greek Gods, the background display and sound and the main fictional character of the god Zeus makes this slot a gacoan or mainstay of the Pragmatic Play provider.

The popularity of this one game makes this Gates of Olympus slot have several nicknames such as grandfather Zeuz, Slot Zeus, Zeus Olympus slot and many more.

How to play Gates of Olympus
How to play the Zeus slot from Pragmatic Play is quite easy because we only need to look for the same 8 items on 1 symbol, and in one round it can eat a lot of symbols. This online slot with a 6×5 formation is marked with 20 paylines and can be reeled anywhere for the symbols. The + sign to set the bet amount at the time of play, the – sign to reduce the bet value.

How to Play Gates Of Olympus Pragmatic Play Easy Win
In total there are 9 patterns contained in this Zeus slot.

gem ring
golden cup
red pomegranate
purple triangle
green triangle
The scatter symbol marked with the logo of the head of the god Zeus is a sign to enter the additional bonus round, we must get a total of 4 scatters to be able to participate in this bonus round and we will be given an additional 15 free spins.

How to Play Gates Of Olympus Pragmatic Play Easy Win
Which is where in the round of the round, the grandfather will raise his hand and raise a very large multiplication lightning and the multiplication amount will be locked and then collected and accumulated until the end of the bonus round. The largest number of multiplications that can be issued is the 500 multiplication of the value of the same item.

If in the additional bonus round the scatter symbol appears 3 times in a round, then you as a player are entitled to an additional 5 free spins.

How to Play Gates Of Olympus Pragmatic Play Easy Win
Here you as a player can set the size of the bet value in each round, starting from the lowest 200 Rupiah to the highest 1,200,000 Rupiah. The amount of the bet will affect the value of your winnings in each round.

How to Play Gates Of Olympus Pragmatic Play Easy Win
On the left side of the screen there are 2 quite interesting features that you can try, the first is Buy Free Spins and the second is DC or Double Chance.

In the Buy Spin feature you can buy a feature to activate Free Spin as shown below.

How to Play Gates Of Olympus Pragmatic Play Easy Win
Zeus Slot Conclusion
Zeus slot is quite easy to play and not too difficult to understand the type of pattern, because we simply press the start button on the screen and the reels will move by themselves. This online slot also has high volatility and the way to get the scatter can be by buying it.

Even in ordinary rounds, Grandpa Zeus can also give multiplication lightning for free and that can help us as players to be able to add to our balance. Fraction by fraction in the symbol is also not too difficult, because every broken symbol fraction will be replaced by itself.

That’s how to play along with tips and tricks for playing Zeus slots . Hopefully it can help the slotters to get maxwin.

Good luck and JP greetings to you sloters!!