Casino Allbet Gaming Malaysia

Allbet Gaming has been operating since 2014 and they are one of the most innovative gambling and entertainment companies in Asia. Allbet Gaming is proud to have the best team to develop their products and services. Allbet Gaming benefit from more than 10 years of professional experience in gaming and gambling, and are driven by their passion to provide customers with the best gaming experience. They have developed the best baccarat gaming platform, far beyond any competitor. The platform’s outstanding features and design were developed with customer satisfaction in mind. The lowered Multi-Play function allows players to take part in all Dragon Hall and Quick Hall mode assignments at any time. Players can also set betting mode selection to 8 or 4 tables, with 6 cards allocated initially, exclusive VIP tables, baccarat squeeze and much more. Other features. These factors make Allbet Gambling one of the best in the industry.

Allbet’s vision is always to develop new ideas and advance the business. In recent years, since the launch of our mobile gaming platform, Allbet Gaming has been paying close attention to market trends. At the same time, Allbet Gaming continues to expand its business model by setting up a VIP electronic discount waiting room to feature various game modes such as probability games. Allbet Gaming maintains a fair, fair and secure standard in our services. Allbet Gaming has been approved by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). It has been approved by the third-party testing organization of the International Game Laboratory (GLI).

Live Casino Games
Live Studio/Game Hall

Allbet Gaming’s live broadcast studio is located at PBCom in the Central Business District of Makati, Philippines, with an area of ​​approximately 1,500 square meters. Allbet Gaming has more than 400 employees and has five different live casino service game rooms, namely Dragon Hall, Speed ​​Hall, Multiplayer Game Hall, VIP Hall and BidMe Hall. Each room has different features and functions to meet the different needs of all customers, also allows customers to witness the real casino spectacle live and make them feel excited.

Aula Naga

Dragon Hall has a total of 16 card tables, all run by live dealers. There are 13 baccarat tables and 1 dragon and tiger table, 1 roulette table and 1 triple win table. To ensure fair competition, the baccarat table is first dealt 6 cards, and the outcome of the game is determined even before the players place their bets. Dragon Hall also provides handicap and seat selection functions. Players can also adjust the betting limits according to their needs. In addition, the interface, settings and controls of each card table are set according to the recommendations and testing of industry professionals to make it as easy as possible to use and simulate the ideal gaming experience.

Game Many Players

Multi Play is suitable for players who like to play several tables at once. By allowing players to watch up to 12 tables simultaneously, Multi Play will allow players to catch the right time to place bets. Another advantage of using Multi Play is that it allows you to join a table with all the best winning streaks, so you can create chances to win consecutively. Moreover, players in this mode can set and adjust their betting settings according to their needs. Betting setup includes 8 and 4 tables. Multi Play is definitely the one who decides to maximize the chances of winning more bets.

VIP Room

The VIP lobby is an unparalleled experience for top players. Not only table games hosted by top Allbet Gaming dealers, chip games and betting limits are all within the VIP range. This lobby is created with exclusive services to attract well-known players who want to place big bets. Here, players can enjoy all the privileges normally provided by a real casino, including exclusive table use, flop time control, unlimited free hands, smart squeeze function, dealer or shoe change, etc. Players who choose an exclusive table can also set a password and invite friends to join in the action. Enter the VIP lobby immediately and enjoy an honorable experience.


BMQ Hall gives you the best experience playing baccarat like in a casino. In this case, the player can auction the right to squeeze the Joker123 card. After successful bidding, players will continue to have the opportunity to bid again at the auction. The player with the highest bid will get the right to squeeze the cards. The interface also provides a 360-degree viewing function, allowing you to play cards from any direction, and ensures that every time you play cards is a different and satisfying experience. In addition, the BMQ hall is also equipped with interactive sound effects that can be lit as you like. When unlocked during a squeeze, your cards will be announced by a charming female voice, just like in a real casino, which will immediately boost your confidence and demonstrate a strong presence on the table.