Best Must-try Game from PGSoft

Today we will discuss a game that has just been released by the pgsoft website. The game is called “SuperMarket Spree”, Playing this Supermarket Spree game you can get multiple benefits, Here we will discuss what the game is and how to play it.

Supermarket spree
Supermarket spreeis one of the new games created by PgSoft to develop its business. This Supermarket spree game has been included in the online slot category, because the theme of this game is a video slot game that is combined with 6×6 symbols that give you more wins, which is a symbol that displays a special logo. What is a symbol that gives a bonus?, Multiplier symbol, symbols that give you a bonus of 5x to 50x, the symbol can appear when you get free spins to multiply your profits. How does the multiplier symbol work?, you just need to spin until you get the multiplier symbol, then each multiplier symbol you get will be added up as much as you can when you do free spins.

Playing this game is very easy because you only need to press the button until you can get the jackpot , we guarantee that if you continue to play in this game you will get a very large profit. You could say this supermarket spree game is one of the new online slot game games and has been in demand by slot players, because of the large profits and frequent jackpots. Around 1500 people have tried this game even though this game was just released yesterday on 20-09-2022. It’s not just the jackpot that makes people want to play here, the features and themes in this supermarket spree game are also good, so that’s also the reason people want to play on the pgsoft website.

Raider Jane’s Crypto of fortune
Pgsoft also creates other interesting games, such as Raider Jane’s Crypto of fortune . Crypto of fortune is a game that has the same shape as the supermarket spree game, because this game is also a typical game that looks for symbols, but the difference is that in this crypto of fortune game you have to get a sticky clay symbol, because the clay symbol is a symbol designed to increase your winning chances.

This game is a reel 6 video slot, with 3 rows (each has an additional row for reels 2, 3, 4 and 5). This sticky wild symbol will always be on the line reels until it self-destructs and adds a multiplier amount, Trigger 10 free spins with 3 scatter symbols too.

Playing this game is also very easy, all you have to do is spin by pressing the space bar or you can do it automatically where the spin moves on its own without you pressing the space bar. We guarantee that if you have played this game continuously, you will get very good benefits large in number.

This crypto of fortune game has also just been created since 6-09-2022 and already has a large number of players. The players also don’t just want to get the jackpot in this game, they also enjoy playing here because of the themes and other interesting features, so that players want to play on the PgSoft website.

Groundhog Harvest
There are also other jackpot games such as groundhog harvest, this game is also the same as supermarket spree and crypto of fortune, but the difference is that this groundhog uses the vegetable feature which means this game is a slot game that has 7 symbols featuring an increasing multiplier and a wild symbol, the multiplier will increase your winnings by 1x, and if when 3 wild symbols have been collected, you will get free spins, and the results you get from free spins will be multiplied by the multiplier that you managed to collect.

This game is also very easy to play and provides interesting features and promos, you will find it easy to get a huge jackpot, therefore online slot players like to play games provided by the pgsoft website.

This game is also a pgsoft game that was just released last month, and this game has also attracted people at home and abroad.

Mermaid Riches
Besides that, there are also games provided by pgsoft about slots, but this time the slot is different than usual, this game is also called ” Mermaid Riches “. This game is played by pressing the space bar or you can also do auto so you don’t have to press the space again and the game will auto spin. However, Mermaid Riches is a slot game consisting of several reels. 1 row on reel 1, 2 row on reel 2,3 row on reel 3, 4 row on reel 4, and 5 row on reel 5. If you find the sticky wild symbol and the multiplier up to 10x, you will get more free spins features reflected -5 rows on reel 1.4 rows on reel 2, 2 rows on reel 4 and 1 row is on reel 5.

This website provides very interesting game games so that players will feel at home playing on this website because the bonuses given are also large and there are also many other good features.

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You don’t have an account on the pgsoft website yet?, how to create an account is easy, you just need to chat with our customer service who is ready to serve you 24 hours non-stop and provide your personal data such as name, cellphone number, and account number to our customer service, and you have to transfer money to the account number that has been provided for the nominal you want to deposit, and if you have transferred, don’t forget to send proof to customer service so that your deposit can be processed immediately. If your balance is entered, please play and hopefully get great advantage.