Allbet Live Casino Product Portfolio

Founded in 2014, Allbet Gaming is Asia’s most innovative gaming and entertainment company. Our company is proud to have the best team to create our products and services. We benefit from more than 10 years of expertise in the gambling and gaming industry and are driven by our passion to provide our customers with the best gaming experience. We have developed the best baccarat game platform, far beyond any competitor. The excellent functionality and design of the platform is based on customer satisfaction. The derived multiplayer game function allows players to follow all the trend distributions of Dragon Hall and Kuai Hall at any time. Players can also set the betting mode option to 4 or 8 cards, and allocate 6 cards in advance. VIP exclusive table, Baijia Le squeeze card and many other functions. These factors make Allbet Gaming one of the best games in the industry.

Allbet Live Casino Product Portfolio
Allbet’s vision is always to develop new ideas and promote the development of the company. In recent years, when we launched our portable mobile gaming platform, we have been paying close attention to market trends. At the same time, we continue to expand our business model by setting up VIP electronic discount rooms and featuring probability games and other game modes.

Allbet Gaming maintains a fair, fair and secure standard in our services. The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), a regulatory body recognized by the Philippine government, has approved our operations. In addition, we have obtained a standard license from Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), a third-party testing organization.

Live Casino ALLBET
Allbet’s live studio is located at PBCom in Makati Central Business District, covering an area of ​​approximately 1,500 square meters. Allbet has more than 400 employees and provides 5 game rooms dedicated to live broadcasting services, including Dragon Hall, Speed ​​Hall, Multi-play Hall, VIP Hall and BidMe Hall. Each room has different features and functions to meet the different needs of all customers and make customers feel the excitement of being in a real casino place.

Game Hall: Dragon Hall or Dragon Hall
There are 16 card tables in Dragon Hall, all of which are operated by live dealers. There are 13 baccarat tables, each with DragonTiger, roulette and win three cards. To ensure fair competition here, the baccarat table first deals 6 cards and determines the outcome of the game before players place bets. Dragon Hall also provides handicap and seat selection functions. Players can also adjust the betting limits according to their needs. In addition, the interface, settings and controls of each card table have been guided and tested by industry professionals, so that the best gaming experience can be used and simulated as much as possible.

Game Hall : Multi Play or Multi Play Hall
For players who like to follow multiple tables, Multi Play is the first choice. By allowing players to watch up to 12 tables at the same time, multiplayer games will help you understand when to place a bet. Another advantage of using Multi Play is that it allows you to join the table with the best continuous running record, so you can create continuous winning opportunities. In addition, players in this mode can adjust and adjust their betting settings according to their own needs or strategies. The betting arrangement includes 4 tables and 8 tables. Multiplayer games are definitely an option to maximize your chances of winning.

Game Hall: VIP HALL
The VIP lobby is the best experience for top gamers. Not only are table games managed by our top Allbet Gamings dealers, chip and betting limits are all within the VIP range. Exclusive services are provided in this lobby to cater to the needs of well-known players who want to place big bets. Here, players can enjoy all the common privileges of a real casino, including exclusive table seats, playtime control, unlimited free hands, smart squeeze function, banker or shoe change, etc. Players who choose an exclusive table can also set a password and invite friends to join in the action. Now enter the VIP room and feel the prestige.

Game Hall: BMQ Hall
BMQ Hall brings you the essence of Baccarat. Through our specially designed smart interface, players can now experience the feeling of squeezing cards, just like they are playing at a casino table. Here, players can auction racket rights. Once you win a bid, you will continue to have the opportunity to bid again in the auction. The player with the highest bid will get the right to squeeze the cards. The interface also has a 360-degree viewing angle function, which lets you hit from any direction and ensures a different and satisfying winning experience every time you play the game. Most importantly, BMQ Hall has interactive sound effects that can be activated as you wish. When activated during the extrusion process,

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