The role of millennials or you can also say generations is very important for the development of technology in the world. It is inevitable that technological developments are growing day by day. All of these things can not be separated from the role of generations in terms of users or creators themselves.

1. The Role of Millennials in Changing Times
It must be realized, times are changing. It can be seen from year to year that the technology system is getting more sophisticated. Therefore, nowadays, humans will find it difficult to escape from technological attacks that come from various corners of the world. Generation Y also plays an active role in advancing one of the technologies that are currently being widely used for everyday use, namely smartphones.

Therefore, companies engaged in the smartphone sector will compete to create good quality, but the price can be affordable. Nowadays, it can be seen from the rise of smartphones that are affordable, but of good quality. In fact, generation Y really enjoys having a cheap smartphone, but it can already be used for mobile games or mobile games https://edwardmcauliffe.com/.

This is also one of the attractions made by smartphone companies to attract users around the world.
Must be admitted! Currently, the world is being horrified with mobile games that can be reached by their respective cellphones. However, even this kind of thing can be a benchmark for Generation Y, can they stand this kind of situation? It also has to be able to think about which mobile games are increasingly pervasive nowadays, both those that require an internet connection or those that don’t.

2. The Millennial Role In Online Games
The most difficult thing or challenge at the moment is how to suppress the development of mobile games among generation Y. This is because generation Y also needs entertainment and that can be done with their respective cellphones. Simple entertainment, which can be fairly cheap, and can be while lying down, namely games on their respective cellphones. Therefore, the term game according to the 1913 edition of the Webster Dictionary is defined as “A contest, physical or mental, according to certain rules, for amusement, recreation, or for winning a stake; ace, a game of chance; games of skills; field games, etc.”.

These mobile games are games that are played on a mobile phone. Nowadays, it is much loved by young people so it can be said that it is on the rise. There is no need to blame anyone with the proliferation of mobile games connected to this internet network. However, Generation Y must also be able to take advantage of this kind of thing as a boost for them to be creative.

3. The Role of Millennials in Mobile Games
Many have become professionals in this mobile game world, namely becoming electronic sports athletes or often called e-sports. So, even the smallest opportunity must be grasped.
Indeed, this world will never be silent in discussing games. From the past, there have also been many popular games, namely online games or computer-type online games connected to the internet³( https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_game ).

Many people flock to just try or become a professional in this game. Therefore, internet cafes or game service providers are increasingly mushrooming in every region. However, time has eroded them by the existence of mobile games that use the internet network so this game is not as popular as it used to be.
It is not an easy thing to be able to fight against the attacks of online or mobile games in today’s era.

However, Generation Y must be able to control their own pace if they want to join the games themselves. So, you have to be able to manage the time. Remember! A mobile and online game, of course it has its negative and positive impacts. One cannot directly judge that people who like to play games are lazy people. One cannot judge such a thing from a single point of view.

However, the role of Generation Y must also be assessed from various perspectives so that they can be able to provide values ​​wisely. Much can be extracted from the proliferation of mobile games and online games. It could also be used as a venue for business for young people. Remember! Even the smallest opportunities can be used. It can be seen and assessed that the business opportunity in this game world is also very large.

Especially in this day and age, many people use smartphones and of course in it there are games or types of games that can be uploaded via their own cellphones. Therefore, even young people should be able to see this as a business opportunity.

It is true that people say that mobile and online games can reduce activities outside the home, lazy to study, low grades, and others that are negative for health. However, it must be admitted that besides being negative, there are positives, right? Well, of all the positive traits, it is being able to interact with the outside world through a computer or smartphone connected via the internet, being able to create a community, being able to become a place to find a mate, and others that are positive.

The impact that can be taken from the rise of online games or smartphones is that it cannot be judged by just one point of view because all of them have positive and negative sides. Therefore, today’s children can also be counted, enjoying the arrival of new technologies that are supportive of their daily lives. However, it is also inversely proportional if the technology that has been created in such a way is actually used as a negative thing.

Mobile and online games can also train the brain, for example in playing war games, of course in that case you must have a strategy. Therefore, it can be used to measure how fast the brain works to think of the right strategy when the opponent attacks. Well, that too can be considered positive in this kind of case. So, for Generation Y, many do not realize that all games have a positive side. However, there are also many negative sides that can be obtained, so if you want to be an actor or user, you must be able to control it so that it is balanced.